Terrace pad UNI



UNI is a target system patio backing with a height of 12 mm for laying patio tiles directly onto the waterproofing (cardboard, PVC membrane, EPDM, etc.). Background target UNI has the option of alignment in the plane between the substrate and the substrate and between the substrate and terrazzo tile. Additional feature is the balancing wedges, which can achieve ideal levels decking. The shape of the underlying target UNI module allows a 5-fold increase in the height of pads. The construction of pads UNI achieves uniform widths. Patio underlying targets UNI are intended for use with a gutter profile R80, whose shape provides support for the floor layers along the edge of the floor with a full unobstructed drainage insulating layer. Profile has an additional overflow openings that allow drainage from the insulation in case of clogging of basic drainage holes.


  • stable support terrazzo titles
  • possibility of precise a adjustment of eache corner piece patio titles
  • made of durable material
  • a complete solution enabling quick and easy instalation

Surface type

Basis that provide the appropriate strength and load capacity.


Terraced underlying target UNI is equipped with constrictions, thanks to which it can be easily divided into halves and quarters to be able to support each tile anywhere terraces. Patio underlying target UNI is also equipped with grooved seats for guiding the compensatory wedges on the side of the floor tile, and on the side of the substrate. This allows setting pads in two independent planes. Levelling wedge permits after the split into two parts, achieving a perfect plane also when we are dealing with significant differences in the size of stone tiles.