Terrace brackets


Terrace pad UNI

UNI is a target system patio backing with a height of 12 mm for laying patio tiles directly onto the waterproofing (cardboard, PVC membrane, EPDM, etc.). Background target UNI has the option of alignment in the plane between the substrate and the substrate and between the substrate and terrazzo tile. Additional feature is the balancing wedges, which can achieve ideal levels decking.
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SMART Terrace pads

SMART Terrace pads are part of a system that allows water to drain from the balcony and terrace. They provide stable support under a panel of stone, concrete or ceramic. Creating a space between the base plate and the paving, for the drainage of rainwater. It is usually used for the base of waterproofing foil EPDM, PVC or mineral sealing mortar. SMART terrace mats can be installed all year round, weather permitting.
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Rectification targets RODAPAD

RODA RENOPLAST s.r.o. RODAPAD targets enable the cladding of terraces and balconies with point water drainage, culverts or cable ducts, R91 or R92 profiles. Targets can also be used in rooms for the construction of floor surfaces. They provide stable support for laid stone, concrete, ceramic and composite slabs suitable for use, creating a space between the substrate and the tile for rainwater drainage, installation arrangements or to raise the floor level.
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