Stair profile SC​


Color variants

We supply profiles as standard in three color variants, we will process other colors from the RAL palette on request

The profile is treated with yellow chrome and Komaxit paint is applied


SC 1 a profile that lets you finish the edge of stairs with ceramic tiles. Its unique design allows for a finishing profile at the edge between the tread and the riser stair tread and facial. The transition between the edges is carried out by bending the profile, which provides a high strength and a pleasing appearance. In addition, the profile shape and positioned along the profile holes allowmoisture to drain fromthe stair covering in the suburb.

SC 2 This is a profile of similar shape and characteristics as the profile SC 1 but is used in flooring systems drainage layer composite mat with drainage D1. Use drainage mats D1 profile SC 2 allows ventilation, pressure balancing of steam, and an absorbent layer of moisture under the floor over the entire surface of the stairs.

SC 3 the profile of the end face of the step and the base.


  • effective drainage lining steps
  • corrosion resistance and weatherability
  • sealing peripheral parts
  • solutions for simple and quick instalation
  • extended life tiling stairs
  • aesthetic apperance

Surface type

Cement and concrete substrates, and other substrates having sufficient stiffness and strength. The substrate must be firm, smooth and free from contamination. Cementitious substrates should be set and seasoned. Preferably, the steps along the edge is carried out to reduce the width of the assembled profile (50 mm) and a depth of approx. 1.5 mm.


Pocket rule or pocket tape, saw for cutting aluminium, knife, mixer or low-speed electric drill, basket mixer, stainless steel trowel, brush, paintbrush, putty knife or trowel, scaled container. The use of hand saws and chainsaws for cutting aluminium is allowed. It is not allowed to use tools, such as angle grinders, which cause thermal effect (rapid temperature increase) for cutting profiles.

Basic information


Aluminum alloy

Surface finish

Yellow chrome with subsequent comaxitation


5 years


2 metres


Balcony and terrace systems with glue floor