SMART Terrace pads



SMART Terrace pads are part of a system that allows water to drain from the balcony and terrace. They provide stable support under a panel of stone, concrete or ceramic. Creating a space between the base plate and the paving, for the drainage of rainwater. It is usually used for the base of waterproofing foil EPDM, PVC or mineral sealing mortar. SMART terrace mats can be installed all year round, weather permitting.


  • easy installation throughout the year
  • long service life and load capacity
  • effective use of laying§ Very stable paving support
  • high quality workmanship
  • weather resistance

Surface type

For all substrates that have the appropriate load capacity.


The SMART terrace mat is placed on a floor base at the intersection of the axis of the floor panels for installation in the corners. In addition (depending on the manufacturer’s data sheet), SMART support can be made from one of the four parts of the bottom layer of the terrace pad. If adjustment is necessary, we use leveling cylinders (tubes). In case of alignment, levelling inserts are available in four thicknesses: 0.5 mm, 1 mm, 2 mm, 3 mm.

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