Rectification targets RODAPAD



RODA RENOPLAST s.r.o. RODAPAD targets enable the cladding of terraces and balconies with point water drainage, culverts or cable ducts, R91 or R92 profiles. Targets can also be used in rooms for the construction of floor surfaces. They provide stable support for laid stone, concrete, ceramic and composite slabs suitable for use, creating a space between the substrate and the tile for rainwater drainage, installation arrangements or to raise the floor level.


  • easy quick instalation
  • smooth and height adjustment without the use of tools
  • stability and high load resistance
  • resistance to external weather conditions
  • large base area

Surface type

The substrate should be level, stable and non-deformable under the expected service load. Ground waterproofing should be designed for use with supports. When laying on XPS / EPS / PIR hard boards, always check their load capacity and permissible load.


Ruler or tape measure, manual or mechanical trimming saw, spirit level, tile cutter, rope or single point cord.